Website Marketing

Website traffic basically comes from
10 major sources . Click on the links below to learn how to incorporate each of these sources into your website marketing campaign.

1.   Free search engines (Google, Fast, Inktomi, Alta Vista, MSN, Lycos, etc, etc, etc - there are literally thousands...).

In order to get traffic from these "free sources", you will need to optimize, submit and track your website.  This can be done manually, or with the help of a bid sumbission service company.

There are several wonderful programs available for those who want to "do it yourself." The most important thing is that you learn how to market your website yourself. No one will care more about your website more than you, so learn about marketing and you will be glad you did.

Some Resources to get you going...

  • Axandra offers two software products.  IBP is the more important product. With it, you can optimize your site, and promote it for maximum search engine ranking.
  • Their other product, ARELIS, is a link popularity management tool. Both are very well designed, and have lots of awards to back them up.

  • GoToast offers a fully integrated set of tools that will do just about anything you want with regard to web promotion. They offer a 14 day free trial, and rank very well at alexa. Very solid.
  • First Place Software offers a wonderful program that also "does it all." It is fairly inexpensive, easy to use, and comes with an online video tutorial that makes learning painless and fast.
  • Also, if you want help with promotion, but don't want to shell out for a stand-alone program, take a look at and They both rank well at alexa and have clean web environments to work in.

For those of you who would rather have someone do the optimization and submission for you, I recommend



  • For the ultimate in fully automated (but you need to "do it yourself first") company, you just can't beat SiteSell . At SiteSell, you do the work, but this amazing company, headed by Ken Evoy, takes care of all the electronic matters behind the scenes. All you have to do is follow the system.

Go to page submission more submission options.


2.   Paid search engines (Inktomi, MSN, Lycos, Jeeves).

The use of paid inclusion technologies is on the rise. With this method, you can essential "pay" your way to the top. It is not too expensive, and can bridge the gap between free engine ranking and the PPC's. To make this easy and fast (and not too expensive...) I recommend:

  • Submit Director . These guys have a simple methodology and a clean interface. They offer a "test drive", and keep your focus on results.
  • Position Technologies They offer a combination of three programs - Direct Submit, Trusted Feed, and PositionPro.


3.   Directories (Yahoo, Look Smart, Open Directory, AOL).

Directories are different than search engines.They have actual humans reviewing your website and determining how high - or even if - you should be listed.  Because they capture a substantial part of the visitor traffic, you want to make directories a part of your campaign.

  • Yahoo! To get started, visit around this page, and listen to what Yahoo is trying to tell you. In general, the more you follow the rules, the better off you will be.
  • DMOZ (Open Directory) . Go to  Even though a listing with Open Directory translates to less traffic than one with Yahoo, it is still worth doing - and its free!
  • LookSmart. Go to While they were originally a pay-for-listing directory, like Yahoo, they are now moving to a Pay-Per-Click model.
  • The other directories, such as MSN, AOL, Alta Vista and Ask Jeeves are automatically covered when you submit to the big three above.


4.   Pay-Per-Click's (Overture, FindWhat, 7Search, Xuppa, E-Pilot, etc.).  These companies allow you to bid for keyword placement. Each one has a different set of rules and methodologies.  

  • Overture is the largest of the pure PPC's. While they are still having growing pains, and have a minimum bid of 0.10 (as compared to Google Adwords 0.05 and others, which have minimums of one cent), it is still worth looking into and using. They have a fast track system, for an additional $199, which I would NOT recommend.
  • FindWhat a worthwhile candidate for investigation. They are more friendly than Overture, but have less clout when it comes to visitors and traffic.

Other PPC's include:

Managing the PPC submissions can be a tremendous hassle. To reduce this, several companies have automated the process. See pagesubmission And, of course, sitesell takes care of all of this behind the scenes for its customers.


5.   Paid advertising

Paid advertising is simply a way to buy traffic. There are many companies offering this see traffic . While this may work well for the global website, it has some limitations for those of us trying to market our small businesses locally.

Look into the companies providing the traffic. Talk to someone and tell them your interests. Any traffic generated beyond your geographic area will only be worthwhile through secondary monetization methods, such as affiliate relationships or joint ventures.


6.   Google AdWords This PPC is really a marvel to behold! There are whole books, and e-books, written about how to use this marketing method to its fullest. For that reason, we have dedicated a whole section to it. To learn more, go to the  GoogleAdwords page of this website.


7.   Joint Ventures   The idea behind joint ventures is that websites refer traffic to each other through reciprical linking. This is especially important now, as many of the search engines - especially Google - use link popularity to determine ranking.

Look into the three resources below. The costs for their programs is relatively cheap, and the benefits can be significant.

  • Terry Dean offers a similar e-book at for $97.00.
  • Ricky Allen provides a variety of resources on joint venturing at . His main e-book sells for $37.50.


8.   Lycos InSight Lycos is starting its own PPC system called InSite .

With InSite, the user can manage search engine submissions and paid placements, as well as place PPC ads, similar to Google AdWords. And they provide various bid, ranking and optimization resources.


9.   EBay You are probably wondering why EBay is mentioned here. Good question. The answer is contained in a very well written e-book entitled, "The Silent Sales Maching," by Jim Cockram.

In this little beauty, you will see how creativity can pay off with regard to local Internet marketing.  Jim's system uses the traffic at Ebay to bring business to your site. Very interesting...


10.   Newsletters   This category is included because there are a bazillion newsletters out there, and any one of them can advertise your website, often for nothing.


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