Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a relatively new advertising program. It allows website owners to monetize their efforts by placing relevant Google AdWords on the actual pages of their sites.

When visitors come to a website, and see these ads, they click through to the merchants, and Google pays the website owner an undisclosed percentage of the revenue.

The users benefit by finding relevant AdWords ads right along side content that they are interested in. And the merchant advertiser gets exposure to a highly-targeted viewer, who is already interested in what they are selling.

Some of the advantages of the AdSense program are -

    1. The ads are very unobtrusive. Unlike flashing banner ads, these ads are very tasteful, and must follow Google's strict rules for style and content.

    2. The ads cost the website owner nothing to run, but stand to bring him or her a nice passive income.

    3. All the accounting is done automatically by Google.

    4. It takes just a few minutes to set up. And it's free.

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All in all, Google AdSense is a good deal for website owners, merchant advertisers, Internet users and Google. I recommend you consider it as a vital part of your website monetization planning. After all, every bit helps in a local Internet marketing campaign.

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