Google Adwords

Google Adwords represents a giant leap forward for the local Internet marketer. With Adwords, a small business can attract regional traffic to its website, and convert these visitors into customers.

In addition, Google Adwords offers a simple method for testing copy and offers. Their reporting is very simple to follow, and the program continues to gain momentum.

To begin learning how to integrate Google Adwords into your overall marketing campaign, one of the first thing you can do is go to At their main page, you will find tons of information about how the program works, as well as a way to begin advertising on today.


After you read the information provided by Google itself, there are several other you can use to get the most out of Adwords.

  • At  you will find a nice e-book called, "21 Ways to Maximize ROI on Google Adwords Select." This book, written by Andrew Goodman, goes over much of the nuts and bolts of Adwords, including keyword selection, bidding, relevancy, conversion and more. (Cost: $49.00)
  • A similar offering is available from Ashwin I. at This e-book, entitled, "Mastering Google Adwords - A Comprehensive Guide to Optimizing your Adwords Cost-Per-Click Campaigns," goes into general methods of bidding, placement, etc.  It also covers the use of different Adgroups to lower overall campaign costs and raise ROI. (Cost: $24.95)
  • Finally, may I recommend Ad Word Analyzer, by Jeff Alderson. This is actually a software product designed to help you design and impliment a successful Adwords campaign. Using Ad Word Analyzer, one can search for unused keywords, save time and money placing bids, and get the most bang for your buck online. (Cost: $67.00)