Joint Ventures

The idea behind joint ventures is that websites refer traffic to each other through reciprocal linking. This is especially important now, as many of the search engines - especially
Google - use link popularity to determine ranking.

Basically, the goal in joint ventures is to find sites similar to your own, and to request a reciprocal link. If these sites have a Google pagerank of 4 or better, and they will link with you, then go ahead.

If, on the other hand, the site you are reviewing (or the one that has contacted you) has a Google pagerank poorer than 2 or 3, you may want to decline, as this connection can actually hurt you at the search engines.

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Review the resources below. The cost for these ebooks and programs is relatively low, and the benefits can be significant.

  • Ricky Allen provides a variety of resources on joint venturing at His main e-book sells for $37.50.

If you want some help with the joint venture work, I highly recommend Arelis from Axandra Their standard version is $99.95. The business version is $299.95. And they have a trial download for free, if you want to try the software out before buying.

Another software that is very useful comes from WebFerret Their standard version is FREE, and the more advanced and faster WebFerretPro is only $29.95.

Finally, I recommend Google Ranking Secrets Revealed at This ebook by Grant Neilson has a very concise section on joint ventures. AND - it has a lot of juicy tips on the subject of Google search engine ranking in general. Definitely worth the $17.00 price!