Website Hosting

The subject of website hosting is like a double-edge sword.

On the one hand, there are gobs of hosts out there who would love to have your business. And the cost is continuing to drop - into the $5.00 per month range for initial service.

The problem is that most of the hosting solutions won't get you traffic, ranking, or ROI. To get that, you have to work harder, learn more, and play your host card more wisely.

What follows is my short list of website hosting providers, from the full host and promote solution provided by SiteSell (still in my opinion the best) to other website hosts (listed below) which provide various forms of registration, hosting and service.


There are three companies that stand out in my mind for domain selection, registration and hosting. They all rank quite well at alexa, and have good brand recognition.

Network Solutions



All three offer domain name search, registration, and website hosting. Network Solutions has the most professional interface, and GoDaddy fills in with the lowest prices. I have used NameBoy to research name availability, and to look for new name combinations with their keyword search tool.

One thing to consider - before you go registering a name, and maybe wanting later to transfer it to another host: there is a 60 day hold on domain transfers that you cannot get around. What this means is that you need to be sure of your plans before jumping on the first hosting solution that presents itself. If you want to transfer to another host later, it can be a big hassle.

A fourth company eHostSource also provides "Quality Hosting at Rock Bottom Prices." If cost is your main interest, these guys might be worth a look also.

If you want to learn more about the many hosting / registration companies out there, I recommend Web Page Hosting Review These guys have a nice site for browsing... and, there is a lot of useful information on the subject of website hosting.