Pay Per Clicks


Pay per clicks (PPC's) compliment natural traffic and are a very powerful way to drive targetted traffic to your website.

The big players are listed below, along with a brief review of each. Below them are other resources, software and suggestions to help you get the most our of pay per click advertising.

When considering a PPC campaign, it is very useful to read some of the many resources available online. Not all "clicks" are worth the same to you, and, since this is your money being spent, it is wise to look before you leap. Finally, be sure you know how to measure and track your success with the various providers. Tracking is everything when it comes to pay per click marketing.

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1. YAHOO! Search Marketing

Overture is the largest of the pure PPC search engines. It serves website listings to Yahoo, MSN, Excite, HotBot, AllTheWeb, AltaVista and Lycos.

The upside is the reach, and the power of this PPC. The downside is its pricing policies (minimum bid = $0.10), and its tendency to promote its high-priced positions.

For the average small business, Overture may be too expensive. But, because of its size, I am listing it here.

2. FindWhat

After Overture, the next PPC one might wish to use is FindWhat. Although this PPC is not a big as Overture, its minimum bid is only $0.05 (just recently raised from 0.01), and its partners include Excite, WebCrawler, MetaCrawler, and DogPile.

It also powers Lycos' Insite Adbuyer , which places context-sensitive ads on relevant webpages, similar to Google AdSense.

3.  Kanoodle

Kanoodle is an up-and-coming PPC that warrants serious attention. They are friendly, and offer quality service at a very affordable price.

4.  Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a a wonderful addition to the PPC arean, especially for small business. With Google AdWords, you can design your ad, decide on how much you are willing to bid, see what your projected position might be, and place a limit on your daily maximum budget.

To learn more about this user-friendly PPC, go to or log onto Google's AdWords homepage and take their Quick Tour or read their program details and FAQ.

5. Others

Other pay per click search engines that you may wish to investigate include:


There are various resources that can make the process of listing with the pay for click search engines easier and more profitable. My two favorites are -

  • GoToast This company has made it easy to use PPC's with their popular BidManager. They also have a ProfitBuilder that tracks conversion, and several other unique tools to make your local Internet marketing campaign more successful.
  • 1stSearchRanking This website, headed by Sumantra Roy, offers a lot of good information on pay per click advertising. It also offers several email study courses, a newsletter, several PPC package deals for those who want assistance with their pay per click campaigns.