Paid Search Engines

Paid inclusion is another way of creating traffic to your website. By using paid search engines, you can bridge the gap between traffic from PPC's and traffic coming from natural search engine indexing.

Please note, however: paid inclusion does not guarantee ranking! All you get is a guarantee that the particular search engine will have you indexed faster.

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Here are the three main reasons to use paid search engines:

1. Faster inclusion. While using a PPC can be almost instantaneous (i.e. Google AdWords), the opposite is true for natural search engine spidering and page ranking.

To combat this, paid inclusion may be worth looking into.

2. Repeated spidering. Some search engines come around monthly (i.e. the "Google Dance"), while others are even slower. This makes tweaking your pages difficult, because you cannot see the benefits quickly enough.

To get around the "delay factor," paid search engine use will help. Because the spidering is regular and often, you can see the results of page tweaks in just a few days.

3. Continuity. Because search engines keep their methodologies to themselves, it can be very hard to make sense out of page position from one month to the next.

By paying for inclusion, you can be assured that you will never be dropped from the particular index.


Paid Search Engines

The big four in the paid search engine category are:

Because the interconnections amoung these companies are complex, and changing, I suggest you explore each of these links above. They include listings with other partners, such as FAST, AskJeeves, Lycos and MSN.



To help you make sense (and cents!) out this all, and get the most out of the paid search engines, please look into these resources.

  • Submit Director . These guys have a simple methodology and a clean interface. They offer a "test drive", and keep you focused on results.
  • Position Technologies They offer a combination of three programs - Direct Submit, Trusted Feed, and PositionPro.
  • I Need Hits This site has various links and services to make the use of paid search engines easier and less time-intensive. They also have various traffic packages to help you get the most out of your

    local Internet marketing campaign.