What is the number one thing that people go to the Internet for? That's right - information. E-books fit this website behavior perfectly.

So why not take what you are passionate about and either provide it as a downloadable e-book, or in a face-to-face seminar? E-books allow you to earn money sharing what you know. Seminars - whether online or in person, will also work, but you have to be there.

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Here are a few resources to help you get started.

While all of these programs will do the job, I want to say a few extra words about this last offering - E-Book Edit Pro (available at www.ebookedit.com).

This little gem has taken the process of writing an e-book to an entirely new level of simplicity and elegance. What you do is follow a step-by-step wizard, and - before you know it - you are ready to publish your e-book.

The list of features on this program will take you over 10 pages to print out! And it's cheap - just $87.97 US. And if you just can't part with that much money without knowing how cool this product is in advance, they will even let you download and try it for free!

Making a living with your website can be a problem. E-books makes it easier. Just think up an idea that others would like to learn about. Write your book, and use Clickbank www.clickbank.com to administer the money details.

You will benefit, and so will your readers. And once you have created the e-book, it's done. People can continue to buy it and you get the profits!

For E-book covers, I recommend:

All in all, E-books make a lot of economic sense. Once you finish them, they make you money 24/7. And, you can have fun writing them with the many resources available today.